About Us

We combine hospital-grade care with the comfort of home, for an NDIS experience that will leave you empowered.
Founder of Oasis Care

Finding care is simple, but finding great quality care and co-creating a great life with care providers you can trust can be hard. In 2019, 85% of people living with disabilities said they have had or are having difficulties finding right fit caregivers.

At Oasis Care we heard you and decided to create the next level of service for our clients. That’s why our highly skilled and motivated care specialists make it possible for everyone to live a fulfilling life in their homes, without the
need of a care facility. Reach out to book a free consultation today.

With a familiar environment and family support, we believe that your home is your oasis and safe haven when the right support is in place, hence our name. We bring our expertise directly to you, so you have everything you need to thrive, right where you are. 

Our highly trained team of nurses and staff take a person-centred approach. Using the “I-CAN” assessment model, we focus not on what participants can’t do, but what
they can do with the right support. From there, we tailor our services around the unique needs of the participant. We even match our carers based on compatibility and patient needs. Great care is about collaboration and we welcome your feedback—positive and negative. 

What You Can Expect

Core Values


A person-centered approach that recognizes that each person is unique and self determining in as much as possible


Delivering hospital-grade care to the home environment


A focus on growth and goal-setting—we help participants make progress!


Offering a partnership with the participant, their partners and carers


Providing a responsive and reliable service, that is improved continuously with your feedback
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